Taming of mother-in-law

The pages of forums in the internet show particoloured by funny classifications of mothers-in-law in grain conducts. The names of types talk for itself: ulcer, matriarkh, incurable patient, girl-friend, selfless worker, spy and similar. But among professionals it is accepted to classify mothers-in-law on biological principle, on the basis of composition of monogynopaedium of husband.

Type 1. A husband is the unique child in a monogynopaedium. Thus, if a man grew in a complete monogynopaedium, mothers it will be simpler with him to part, as it will have the monogynopaedium which it is needed. At that rate interference in dauther-in-law of business can be limited to advices. If a mother grew a son one, with a confidence considers that a deserving pair is not him. In such situation to prove that the chosen one of its son is a pleasant exception, very difficultly. For mother-in-law the monogynopaedium of son becomes its own, in which with an ardour it is needed to inlay the soul.

Type 2. Sons in the monogynopaedium of husband two. Then a mother compares daughter-in-law involuntarily, and they feel between itself a competition. There are two variants of development of events in this triangle. In first case mother-in-law will begin to behave to both by daughter-in-law identically: favourably or critically. And can select on your own «sweet one». This daughter-in-law in the eyes of mother-in-law in future will be on all hands a good hand, and the second will get in eternal disgrace.

Type 3. There is both a son and daughter. Here in this situation to daughter-in-law will be special difficultly, as daughter a priori will remain the best. Quite as in an anecdote, when mother-in-law tells a friend: «It was so lucky my daughter, a husband is a clever girl, prepares, breakfast in a bed... And such bich met a son: in the morning will wake up only, and he to it breakfast carries in a bed»....It is needed to manage to make friends with the sister of husband, for example, to call in guests, to conquer respect, speaking on interesting it themes, actively to participate in domestic businesses. Knowing that daughter consults by daughter-in-law about the color of window curtains in a bedroom, mother-in-law willy-nilly will accept it in the «womanish circle» of monogynopaedium.


Sterile cleanness. Daughter-in-law is lazy to wash down tableware right after a supper, and for mother-in-law «point» regarding a cleanness (roles can change).

Incomes earned a man. Daughter-in-law is a squanderer, with a scope outlays blood son earnings. Mother-in-law is a cormorant, counting a money in a stranger pocket.

Put a kitchen. Daughter-in-law always exterminates a husband hunger or feeds, but uneatable. Mother-in-law sticks with advices to which one hundred years in dinner

Flowers of life. Daughter-in-law only does for the education children. Mother-in-law climbs not in the business: in its time all was othergates.

Suspecting is of infidelity. Daughter-in-law in the street smiles all in succession. Mother-in-law spies after every step and all gives a report a husband.
Taming of mother-in-law: in place of that to grumble about it to the neighbours, better praise it and do gifts

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