News sites are attracting large numbers of visitors. Moreover, the services as Magaon have significant prospects. All this is a great platform for advertising. Daily promotional materials can browse through hundreds of users. Advertise on the news service is a real opportunity to get a significant increase in customers in their company.

Administration of Magaon proposes to place a banners on the site, the media, and any other contextual advertising. At the customer's promotional material can be placed on the home page and inside pages of the site. In addition to the placement of advertising, administration can offer accommodation links feedback on the company advertiser. Thanks to this convenient service, users can go directly to the advertiser.

To order the placement of advertisements on the site you need to contact the administration by following contacts. After discussing all the details of advertisement it will be placed in the right place. In case of breach of contract advertising from the advertiser, all materials will be removed from the site by administration.