Some tips for maintaining your eyes healthy

Eyes are a great mirror of soul. It is a world-known fact. Through them we are able to see perfect and dreadful, possible and incredible things of our vast universe. They enable us to distinguish every detail. And not to deprive these essential things, we always should take care of our eyes.

At the present day people more and more encounter with lots of eyes illnesses. Modern technologies, computers, TV, technological advances, Ultra violet radiation, and eye strain – all these factors lead to different eyes problems.

You can ask: “What should we do, if avoid from modern world is impossible? How can we protect eyes?” Don’t panic! There is always another way. You can find different advices of prominent ophthalmology experts.

1. Regular checkups. Recommendations are as following: make a constant eye exam before 5 years of age to check for the most-widened childhood problems like amblyopia or strabismus , and then on an as-needed basis (different vision problems or injuries) up to 19 years of age. One check in your 20s, and two in your 30s will be enough to protect the eyes. After 40 years, if it possible, check every two years; after age of 65- every year. Having a diabetes or a family history of eye problems, you should check with your doctor more frequently.

2. Eye strain. All the focused work means you don’t blink very often. Any computer work and internet searching arouse a strain. Take a break from activities, which involve long-lasting staring, as often as possible. Use an artificial tears, they can help reduce eye irritation.

3. Sun Protection Factor for the eyes. Sunglasses can block harmful ultraviolet and other rays, playing a role in the emergence of cataracts and macular degeneration. Your sunglasses must have 100% protection from UV rays. The best lenses from UV rays are glasses of amber, orange, brown colors.

4. Care by the contacts. Contact lenses are a great invention, but they need to be watching over properly. But if you have already some problems, don’t wear contacts! Wearing your contacts when your eyes are irritated can turn a small problem (irritation) into a significant problem (a corneal ulcer).

5. Products for eyes. Is carrot healthy for your eyes? Exactly, yes. Carrots contains beta-carotene, which our body converts to vitamin A – a key nutrient for maintaining good eyesight. People become night-blind because of vitamin A deficiency . Vegetables with green leaves, such as l kale, mustard greens, spinach are useful for the eyes because they contain a great number of lutein, which helps keep the eyes safe from oxidative stress and the photons of blue light with the high energy. To prevent dry eyes, get a plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, which are contained in flax and fish.

And, in conclusion some interesting, but at the same time forcing to reflect facts:
- Did you know, that Dry Eye affects 16% of Australians and 10 million Americans?
- Not so long ago it was estimated that over 2.2 million American people have glaucoma, but not all of them know, that they have it.
- About $500 million is spent treating eye problems in both private and public hospitals each year.
- Approximately 9.4 million people al over the world wear glasses or contact lenses in order to correct their weak sight.

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