Sergei Ivanov: Nuclear strikes against Poland and the Czech Republic? Complete poppycock

Recent developments in the Caucasus have shown - Russia could adequately respond to the threat and protect its citizens. But most Western publications reactions treated Russia as «aggression and disproportionate actions». Dramatics Saakashvili ugnetayusche act in the other leaders of the post-Soviet states, and some even seriously concerned that soon, and for them it is time to chew ties.

It is time tranquillizers interviews and explanations peaceful and respectful attitude of Russia towards other countries. Russia is not going to intimidate any immediate neighbors - Poland and the Czech Republic - nuclear power, or select from the Ukrainian Crimea. This Vice-Premier Sergey Ivanov told the agency in an exclusive interview with the BBC.

Initially, the conversation went on Ukraine - in particular, on the Black Sea Fleet of Russia. Sergei Ivanov stressed that if the Ukrainian authorities did not extend the lease naval base in Sevastopol, Russia will be forced to accept such a decision. Taken from the Ukrainian Crimea, or claim to Sevastopol, no one is going, told Ivanov. And added: All such statements - propaganda-style «Cold War».

- We are not aggressive. We recognize the territorial integrity of all former Soviet republics. This happened back in 1991. Thus, Russia has no territorial claims to any of the post-Soviet states - told Ivanov.

The term of the lease naval base ends in 2017. And Russia understands that Ukraine has every right not to renew it. But Russia will still strive for mutually beneficial resolution of the situation.

- Yes, I can easily submit the following in 2017. Why not, if the government, which by then will be in power in Ukraine, did not extend the lease? - Said Vice-Premier of Russia, responding to questions from reporters television «Panorama» Mark Franketti.

During the interview touched upon other major issues. Sergei Ivanov scattered hysterical on the assumption that Russia was allegedly preparing rocket attacks on the territory of the Czech Republic and Poland. Bi-bi si recalls: a few weeks ago appeared in the media these remarks with reference to the Russian military.

Vice-premier strongly denied such allegations. Yes, Russia condemns NATO expansion eastward and will adequately respond to the deployment in eastern Europe of U.S. missile defense system. But the nuclear attacks on the nearest neighbors - this is a complete load of crap.

- Russia is bound to respond, because it simply can not keep silent. But it certainly does not mean that we are planning nuclear strikes against the Czech Republic or Poland. It is a complete load of crap. In a world still many adherents of the Cold War. Many Britons and Americans believe that the Russian - drunkards and bully. And what we dream only of how to win the West. But we must understand that such declarations - part of an outdated Cold War propaganda. Of course, between us is too much mistrust. Wall must be destruction. So poetsya my favorite song of Pink Floyd, - said Sergei Ivanov.

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