The Road from being a Boy to becoming a Man

If you want in future to be surrounded by worthy, resolute, strong and brave men let your little sons to be like that now. Here are some things for you which you should know and pay attention to while bringing small gentlemen up.

It often happens that a family brings up their children without paying any attention to the sex of the child. The majority of books devoted to the subject of bringing up children are written without the differentiation in sex. However, this is considered to be a mistake. Gender that is behavioral and psycho difference in the behavior of children is manifested in the earliest childhood. And if not to pay any attention to this fact you may rear “a woman in trousers”. That is why you can not bring up girls and boys in one and the same way.

If you want to bring up a real man who will be able to protect and to take care not only about himself but also about your family and his own family in future, you have to teach him to assert his own personality and his own thoughts and opinions from the earliest childhood. You should teach your little man not to cry in order to receive what he wants but to persuade with the help of his own arguments and reasons that he really needs or deserves what he wants. The best time to bring up such qualities as persistence and will-power is 3 years old.

A lot of men are not able to realize themselves just only because of being not self-confident. That is why if you want your son to become successful, you should bring up self-confidence in him. Of course, it does not mean that you should praise your child without any reason for it. In this way he may become an egoistic person who does not count with anybody. However, you should compliment your child for his little success every time he deserves that or otherwise he is not going to believe in himself and in his own powers.

Braveness is one more feature of character you should pay a lot of attention to while bringing up your child. You should explain to your child that sometimes he should fight for his rights. Certainly, scuffle is not the best way to solve the problems; however, sometimes it is a very good lesson for the boys. You should insist that if there is a chance to avoid scuffle and to master the situation with the help of words and reasons, your little treasure has to avoid the scuffle. Nevertheless, if he sees that a little fight is the only way to show his dignity, he should fight. Without it, you are going to bring up a man who is not able to protect and who needs protection himself.

Of course, you also should not forget about bringing up such traits as kindness, generosity, responsibility. If you are going to follow the above-mentioned advices while brining up your child you will bring up the real man.

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