Reddit for free promotion of games and applications

If approached correctly, Reddit is a very useful tool for free promotion of games and
applications. In this article, you will see our recommendations on the use of the resource, which
should help to get the maximum result from promotion on Reddit.
If you don't know, Reddit is a social news network in which users post their content. Reddit has
its voting system for the posts they like, after which the most popular ones come into the view of
millions of users. Pikabu is a similar platform.
The trick is that the place at the top of the feed will not only be provided by traffic from Reddit
itself. Traffic can also be from other websites, the so-called aggregators which “take” news from
You need to publish content that will have the effect of the so-called viral distribution and
discussion. Something interesting, "hot", bright, causing heated debate. Even if you want to
show your game, somehow do it in a non-standard, unique way.
We can share our own recommendations on what needs to be done to become popular on
● As soon as possible, start earning yourself the pluses in your rank. It will be great if
before publishing your posts you will promote your Reddit account or buy an old account
with karma comments up from 100. Start participating in the discussions of other news.
Leave useful comments, do non-advertising posts before you start doing advertising. We
purchased reddit accounts on this service.
● With a well-promoted account, your news will immediately turn out to be higher-rated
than others. This is very important if you do not have a “support group” that can
immediately vote for your post. Without this, your news will quickly roll down the feed
and will be lost. Create a network of accounts for voting or buy it, accounts aged from 1
month with karma from 50 are suitable for voting, you need to use high-quality proxies.
You can also use the services with cheat votes. In this matter, it is important that the
votes would come within the first hour after publication, these services work quickly: buy
reddit upvotes
, reddit upvotes. Later, when we needed to promote from 10 posts daily,
we rented a reddit bot.
● Do not confuse subreddits. You should not mindlessly copy-paste the same news in
different subreddits. If your news is about your game and consists of just a link to the
trailer, it is worth publishing it in a subreddit for gamers. This news format will not work if
you want to publish information in the section for developers of, say, gamedev. A list of
subreddits where you post will be given below.
● Do not spam. This advice is, in fact, a part of the previous tip. If you start thoughtlessly
spamming your news, then you will be “minused out” and your chances of being seen
will be close to zero. Or you will simply get a ban, or maybe even a life-long ban.
● Do not write dry boring posts. No one is interested in reading monotonous essays with a
description of your game. This rule applies both to press releases and here. Put your
creativity in a couple of phrases and attach a link, then you will have more chances.
● Use the links correctly. Publishing simple links is also a bad option. If you want to
present your game in an exciting way, make a gif-animation of a cool moment with a
bunch of video effects and action, upload it to Imgur, and attach it to the post. Or make a
short video with some kind of funny moment, catchy character, etc.

List of main subreddits

Here are some subreddits that can be used by developers of mobile games and applications to
publish materials:
1. Suitable for discussing technical development
issues on android.
2. Gaming Subreddit. Suitable for android games
presenting in any form.
3. Section on gaming jams.
4. Section for communication of indie developers.
5. Game Design Section
6. Another gaming subreddit.
7. The section is focused on developers.
8. Section for developers on Unity.
We also found a useful source showing statistics on the popularity and activity of all subreddits.
Also, each subreddit has its own rating. That is, if you are popular in one section, it will not apply
to the rest of the sections.
In conclusion, if you succeed and your news appears at the top, you can get thousands of views
and installations of your application or game. You can get a great head start for free. Of course,
you should not consider Reddit as the main source of traffic, and at first, should not rely solely
on it, but it can produce an impressive effect.

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