Leonardo da Vinci: a versatile genius

Outstanding Italian inventor, scientist, artist, engineer, anatomist and researcher Leonardo da Vinci is known worldwide. His achievements have begun the revolution in many industries, including medicine and engineering. Without a doubt, this is not only an outstanding figure of the Italian Renaissance, but also the history of mankind.

He was interested in almost everything that was around. This is evidenced by his quote: "Nature took care of everything so that everywhere you find something to learn". Unfortunately, many of his projects were not supported at thattime. In particular, we are talking about the project of an ideal city in which da Vinci offers to build the sewer system. Some of them, were poorly implemented due to wrong selection of materials.

Even today, Leonardo da Vinci is widely known throughout the world: "Where the spirit does not drive the hand of the artist, there is no art. Where the idea does not work with the hand, there is no artist". His paintings are in the best museums of the world,hundreds of people come every day toadmire the frescoes in cathedrals, and the invention became the prototype of modern bicycle, parachute and other devices.

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