Influence of technological progress products

Every day we use products of technological progress and motor cars is one of this products. We can’t imagine our life without cars now. Almost every family have one or even two cars. It is comfortable for us not to think about all consequences , which cars make. But to my mind that it is important for all of us to think about it, because car is both a curse and a blessing.

First and most important advantage is that a car is your personal vehicle. You can go wherever you want and in any time you want. Usually, a person, who don’t have a car, face with such a problem, as a public transport. Every time when we want to go somewhere, we have to wait a bus. Especially, it inconvenient for people, who commute between outskirts and down- town. Moreover, a bus always puked with people and it’s very hard to squeeze onto it. As a result, you feel uncomfortable because of people around you can be not very polite, they can smell awful, they can even hurt you. That is why having your own car at hand is comfortable.

Secondly, personal car can help disabled people. I mean, they can go wherever they want and it’s a real blessing. For people, who have problems with legs, car is so called legs for them. It is almost impossible for them to walk and enjoy walking. So, a car is a part of organism for such people.

However, having a car is a big responsibility because we always should remember about traffic rules. For example: we shouldn’t exceed the speed limit, shoot the lights, park the car, where there is a sign ”No parking”. We should slow down approaching a pedestrian, fasten our safety belts, be careful when we are overtaking, dip our headlights, when we see a car coming towards. And there are only the simplest traffic rules.

But, I may say that there are some disadvantages too. The main one is that nowadays, cars are the main cause of air pollution and noise. Nature suffer from exhaust and the level of noise exceed the norm.

Secondly, there is one more problem: the car’s owners often suffer from traffic jams. During the rush hour traffic often comes to a standstill. As a result, drivers become very nervous and suffer from a nervous breakdown. Futhermore, people lose their temper and it’s called road rage. If someone threaten them from meeting that deadline, from not getting where they want to,they blow a fuse. And it’s very dangerous, especially on road.

Thirdly, it’s very expensive to have a your own car. Because you have to check the petrol gauge not to be run out of petrol during your trip. It’s important to take care of tyres. We should remember about an accident may happen on road every day and in such cases we should be prepare for additional spending.

To my mind, car is a blessing, but with a lot of disadvantages. As for me, I have no my own car and I don’t need it now, while I’m a student. Because I don’t have a job and I can not afford myself a car! But I want have it in the future, because it’s simply a necessity nowadays.

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