How words influence our life?

All words said by us have unusual force. Words can both to create, and to destroy. Words, along with actions and thoughts, form our life. For expansion of own horizons, for achievement of desirable results, for education of love to it is very important to learn to realize the speech and to use those words which inspire and bring happiness, having released from fetters of negative words.

Many of us don't reflect at all on what reality they form day by day by means of own speech. So, we almost completely ceased to realize that semantic loading which is born in themselves, for example, by such expressions: I feel sick, my eyes wouldn't see, children are a continuous headache etc.

So, the American researchers revealed that people whom constantly abuse, are subject to colds, gastroenteric frustration, candidiases, diseases of a bladder and other diseases. Moreover, scientists argue that swear words "blow up" in the genetic device of the person thereof there are mutations which conduct to degeneration.

So, for example, saying the phrase: «I have no money» or «I have no forces», you thereby doom yourself to a lack of money and lack of energy. It is easy to replace these phrases with the following: «it is necessary for me to earn more money for achievement desirable» or «at me enough forces for realization of everything that I want».

Only present, you create what installations to yourself and to people around, saying similar words! Behind each word in space there is an image which bears in itself the huge force influencing us, on our children, relatives and friends. Addressing someone a damnation or even expression «You are the fool», you destroy also yourself and the person to whom the statement is sent. And, it occurs even in case you don't put special emotions that is told.

Words it "is necessary" and it "is necessary" bear in itself the extremely negative installations. They mean that you do something not at the choice, and under the influence of circumstances or other people. Thereby you lose possibility most to create the life and become dependent on external factors. These words fine would notice on «I I want» «I choose» etc. That is, speaking «to me it is necessary to get up early tomorrow», you already declare in space that it not your choice. Though if to dig more deeply, it will become clear that you chose such work that you made the decision to earn money exactly in such a way etc. When you say that you WANT to get up early, you to yourself open a rich source of internal energy because forces come then when you accept responsibility for the life and for everything that in it occurs, on yourself.

Learn to realize the speech and to be released from cargo of negative or useless words (filler words or empty gossips). And the place released from bad words fill with positive speech.

Good ,kind, gentle words are capable to change life cardinally: praising itself, aloud declaring the advantages, supporting words of people around, to a thicket saying treasured «I you I love», you do a great contribution to surrounding space, introducing a lot of happiness not only in own life, but also in life of dear and close people.

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