How does programmatic advertising work?

The marketing sphere has drastically changed for the past few years due to digital advertising. At the moment the largest share of investments is directed to online resources and the numbers seriously outweigh the funds allocated to TV advertising. The changes are especially noticeable in the representation and the role played by the programmatic ads. Based on algorithms and big data, it significantly boosts the advertisers' chances to reach their goals as programmatic marketing allows them to show their banner to the right people and at the right time.

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is different from other types in the way that it simplifies the purchase of ad inventory. In contrast to classic media advertisements which suggest the possibility to book your space in advance, programmatic advertising enables website owners to sell their space on the auction-based principle, which means that the space is sold to the highest bidder (sometimes on a real-time basis – RTB). A wide range of tools allows media traders to achieve their goals thanks to precise targeting by device, demographic and geographic parameters – all done with the help of algorithms set up to the client's needs.

Why do we need programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising enables its users to optimize brand strategies and adapt them following the target audience.

Programmatic advertising gives brands more opportunities to connect to their users and offer them interesting content to obtain popularity or generate conversion. Personalization is the future of digital marketing and programmatic advertising is its potent tool. The technology employs data to show more relevant and less intrusive ads. The general address is less influential, whereas custom content design attracts more attention. The goal is to create an audience that is involved with the brand and interacts with it.

The users no longer wish to stay passive and want to interact with the brands they love. In this context, it is essential to create a relevant experience for them. Programmatic marketing grants access to quality resources in a range of formats, provides involvement and allows to measure the influence of an ad on a specific audience.


By combining algorithms and data, programmatic advertising enables advertisers to achieve their goals efficiently. Thanks to the technology, they can communicate with their target audience via various channels and create personalized, relevant, and involving materials.

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