The growing industry of online education

Until the recent years it would be unheard of to study without books, teachers, not even leaving your room. But technologies have advanced since then and today distant learning is quite popular. What is the future of education? This controversial question is widely discussed in a modern world.

New generation claims that online education gives us a wide range of opportunities. To begin with, it enables us to be flexible and study when we have spare time, which is especially suitable for busy-working people or those who are already attending an internal course. Moreover, distant learning is more convenient than a "traditional" one: it doesn't require any coursebooks, notebooks, dictionaries etc. You can study wherever you are: at home, in a cafe and so on. All you need is an internet access. Besides, the Internet is a perfect source of information, thus, you can get more knowledge this way.

However, online education has some disadvantages. For instance, not everyone can organize his time, a lack of self-motivation affects the whole process of studying. Furthermore, distant learning means no marks, no practice, no atmospehere of a real school.

Despite all the downstairs, I can't fully agree with a previous point of view: there are many websites where you have to pass the exam after finishing a course and can practice your skills as well.

All things considered, online education is a progressive way of studying and it has a right to exist.

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