Children learn best by observing behaviour of adults and copying it

Children learn best by observing behavior of adults and copying it. It is a common known fact that the process of growing up is a very complicated part of children’s upbringing. Among countless factors that influence children’s growth the behavior of adults plays the significant role in shaping children’s personality, their outlook and attitude to life.

Sociologists debate whether it is the best way for children to learn by observing behavior of adults and copying it. Although some parents and sociologists oppose such way of learning, there is some evidence that, nevertheless, yields positive results. Opponents of children’s way of learning by observing behavior of adults assert that physical and mental development does not always reflects the parent’s one. Every child is unique and develops in his own way. But at the same time we cannot disagree with the fact that the best teacher is the surrounding environment that includes people who are considered to be a good example. From the very first years of child’s life parents play the major role in shaping the child’s mentality. As the child grows from an infant to a toddler he or she begins learning by imitating parents’ actions. Children are very sharp observers and they pick up behavioral traits fast. Opponents also maintain that there is no proof that every child has a possibility to learn by copying adults’ behavior. This exception refers to the orphans and those children who live in single-parent families. Usually they suffer from the lack of attention. But it can’t be absolutely true just because parents are not the only people whose behavior can influence the child’s growing up. Friends and peers, siblings are the great impact-makers too. At some period of time circles of friends are considered to be the main people on which children, especially adolescents, are concentrated on. Children can also make some fictional characters the pattern that they should be sticked to.

Generally, we can say that parents themselves are ought to be good examples so that when children would observe there behavior they would become used only to good habits. The morals children learn practically at home are more effective and deeply rooted than the ones that their school teacher tells them or they read in moral science books. So, everyone has to analyze and polish our own manners and morals before teaching them to pure and innocent children.

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