Now the modern world has no borders between countries, people and traditions. People more and more determine themselves as a "citizen of the world", they do not individualize themselves with the place they were born, they look for the new horizons and opportunities.
taboo shopping online china
Taobao is like a treasure box for fans of online shopping (from Chinese 淘 宝 - taobao, «get treasures"). Discovering the world's largest online store, you can forget about common offline stores. Taobao has an impressive range of goods: food, apparel, furniture, electrical appliances, computers and smartphones, art items, household goods, sports equipment, cosmetics, car accessories, jewelry and others.
hong kong guangzhou
Hong Kong and Guangzhou are two asian cities, that attract millions of tourists and businessmen. If you are in Hong Kong, take a chance and stop for a couple of days in Guangzhou, which is also called «little brother of Hong Kong city». In Guangzhou you will see the life of Mainland China.
canton fair
The Canton Fair (Guang Jiao Hui, 广交会) in Guangzhou city - is the largest and the most professional trade event in China's commercial life. The exhibition was established in 1957 and in 2015th year the organizer will held the 117th session, but the popularity of this trade event is more and more.


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