Negative Influence of Television

From the times when television was invented it has become an essential part of the people’s lives. During the years the number of those who watch television every day was only increasing. Even with the appearance of internet it still remains popular. But not everybody think about the influence of television on our body, mind and as a result on our lives.

We can begin from the childhood. Children are the main adherents of television, so they are influenced by it the most. The children who give much more time to television are found to be unenthusiastic and impatient, because of lack of communication with other people. Moreover they have problems with their health such as obesity and weak eyesight. It is very odd when the only friend of a child is television, but it happens.

Sometimes while watching a television program person has to put off some important things such as to play with a child, to visit a friend or to work in the garden. We have to agree that television takes a lot of time every day. We can spend this time usefully for us rather then just to sit and watch television. It leads to the development of laziness.

The most dangerous negative effect of television is when a person creates her own world. Escapism appears in the people who think that their life is boring or did not have friends. Specifically such people want to live only as a favourite hero of this or that film. They hide their problems and try not to notice reality, but just to live in the imaginative world of television.

In conclusion, television influences on every aspect of our lives. The children should learn to live in real world with failures and success. Every person needs interaction with the other people and nothing else can replace it. Television is one of ways of rest, but it can also lead to some physical and mental illness. We have to be careful not to let television to control ourselves.

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