Great statements of Omar Khayyam

Biography of the great East thinker and poet Omar Khayyam is full of legends and mysteries. The modern world knows him as the famous poet and author of the incredible philosophical quatrains. Omar Khayyam was filling his poetry not just lyrics, but also a part of humor. The Ancient East knew him primarily as an outstanding mathematician, astronomer, philosopher and physicist. His remarks today are striking in their strength:

"The eyes are able to speak. Shout with joy or cry.

Eyes can encourage, crazy make, make cry.

Words can deceive the eyes is impossible.

The look can drown if you look careless".

Omar Khayyam was supported by the most of the ancient East poets. For free-thinking and blasphemy many poets persecuted, so they attributed their work to Khayyam. Living on religious East, he thought about God, but did not recognize the church dogmas.

«We are no longer in this world can ever get,

I will never meet up with friends at the table.

Catch the same moment every flying -

It does not lie in wait so then ever».

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