The structure of the hotel business

Every year the amount of hotels in our country and abroad grows as the services of tourist accommodation occupy one of the first places at a formation of tourist infrastructure.
The organizational structure of the hotel is determined by the purpose of the hotel, its site, the specificity of visitors and other factors. In any hotel there is a department of service of visitors, service of public catering, administrative service, commercial service, technical service, auxiliary and additional ones.

The services given in hotels are subnodivided into the basic and additional ones. They can be free-of-charge and paid. The basic services are accommodation and meal. Without additional payment the following kinds of services can be given to visitors: a call of first aid, using the medical first-aid set, delivery of the correspondence to the room, wake-up call, granting of boiled water, needles, one complete of utensils and tablewares.

The list and quality of paid additional services should correspond to requirements of the hotel's category. The most widespread are excursion service, guides-translators service, the organization of tickets selling to theaters, to circus, on concerts etc., call-taxi service, a car hire, the booking of places at restaurants of the city, purchase and delivery of flowers, sale of souvenirs, cards and other printed matter, footwear repair, clothes repair, washing and dry-cleaner of clothes, saune, rent of a conference hall, services of business center and so on.

At rendering services is important not only their amount but also quality. Therefore in many hotels before the guests' departure they asked to fill in small questionnaires. The filled questionnaire usually surrender together with keys at a reception and then they are studied in a marketing and advertising service. The hotel administration analyzes the lacks revealed in work of its services and take measures for their elimination.

Rendering any services the staff should show his correctness. Service needs to be built not only by a principle of demand (what the visitor wants), but also by a principle of the offer ( the hotel offers all new and new services which can render and the visitor chooses if it's necessary for him or not). But it's impossible to impose services (can be that the visitor won't need what you impose to him and consequently he doesn't want to pay more). The list of services depends on a category of the hotel. Not in every hotel there is an opportunity to give to the guests the full list of services. But everywhere should aspire to that the set of services completely answered inquiries of visitors.

Hotel service is much wider than a resinding only. It's necessary to include in it a physical atmosphere, cleanliness and a sensation of competence and care on the part of the staff.
But on the requirements for successful hotel staff you'll see in the next article.

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