What programmatic advertising is, how it works for the monetization of mobile apps

Programmatic advertising is one of the most efficient and popular tools, both for the supply side and for advertisers. It automates the process of targeting of advertising purchases, and real-time auctions create algorithmic acquisition for advertising sets at different channels and places. 


This type of advertising drastically changes the ways the marketologists use to select slots for the placement of their digital ads. The whole process takes place without any human interference and is fully automated. The robot itself finds efficient platforms to demonstrate the ads to their target audiences. 

Advantages of advertising marketing

Apart from the fact that programmatic advertising does not require any negotiations or tenders for online advertising space, it is popular for several other reasons:


Programmatic advertising enables the owners of gaming applications, among others, obtain their revenue. They simply need to offer their product as an advertising space and be paid for that. 

How to monetize apps

One of the options of efficient monetization for iOS and Android apps is to use a programmatic advertising service. The mobile app market is supersaturated, and it is becoming harder and harder to win the competition for the users. Moreover, it is not easy to make the user pay for anything within the app, e.g. download or subscription; the strategy with in-app purchases is also not very feasible. 


Programmatic advertising is on the opposite side of the previously existing monetization methods. The owners now only need to choose a programmatic advertising service, register, set up their account, and that’s it, the monetization process is now launched. 


The users are not going to pay for anything and enjoy a completely free-of-charge application. It is the advertiser who pays, whereas the owner gets the passive income from ad demonstrations. 

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